Friday, July 18, 2014

Training Program in Oncology for Occupational Therapists


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Dr. Jagmohan, Occupational Therapist, Mumbai.
BOT (Kolkata), MOT (Mumbai), Cert. in Nutrition (California)
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What is lymphedema?
Lymph edema is an abnormal accumulation of high-protein concentrated fluid in the Space between tissues causing inadequate drainage due to damage or blockage in the lymphatic system.
Lymph edema can occur after any cancer or its treatment that affects lymph node drainage. Mostly seen in patients with breast & gynaec cancer.
Up to 90 % of the fluid portion of our blood returns to the heart via the venous system & Remaining 10 % (protein rich fluid), can only return to the central circulation via the lymphatic vessels.
What is Lymphatic system?
Lymphatic system is an integral part of the immune and circulatory systems, which consists of lymph capillaries, lymph fluids, lymph vessels, lymph nodes, lymphatic ducts…etc. Main function of this system is to remove waste & fluid from the tissues.
This lymphatic system is a low- pressure, open, pump less system & Lymph flow process is facilitated by:- - Skeletal muscles contraction, Respiratory movement, Local arterial pulsation, Rhythmic contraction of smooth muscle in walls of the lymphatic vessels, L. trunks & lymphatic ducts & unidirectional valves in L. vessels.